Jacobs Psychological & Consulting Services
Jacobs Psychological and Consulting Services (JPCS) is located in the "Custance Place" building in Lexington, Massachusetts (formerly in Andover, MA, moved as of 3/1/18).

Dr. Daniel B. Jacobs is a licensed psychologist providing therapy and support services for individuals dealing with mental health, substance abuse and dual diagnosis issues, and offers counseling and support for couples dealing with relationship difficulties.
Dr. Jacobs leads trainings nationally for clinicians and educators seeking continuing education and professional training on a variety of topics.  He is also an Assistant Professor in the School Psychology Department at William James College (WJC) in Newton, MA. He is also on the adjunct faculty in the Organizational Leadership Psychology Department at William James College. Among other courses at WJC, Dr. Jacobs created and teaches: "Addressing Substance Abuse in Schools", based on years of working with youth and families impacted by substance abuse and dual diagnosis concerns.

Dr. Jacobs also consults with schools and agencies regarding behavior change initiatives, critical incidents, curriculum improvement challenges, and intervention concerns.  

Additional information about these trainings and consultations is listed on the "Services" page of this website.