Jacobs Psychological & Consulting Services


Psychological and Psychotherapy Services:
-Counseling for adults
-Couples counseling
-Parenting support and strategies
-Mid-career counseling
-Next-step/new-career exploration and support
-Treatment of depression and mood disorders
-Treatment of anxiety
-Support and intervention for trauma and abuse concerns
-Grief counseling and support
-Alcoholism recovery and support treatment
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and coping strategies
-Support for law enforcement professionals
-Counseling for fire fighters and other first responders
-Behavioral pattern change initiatives

Consulting Services:
-Clinical supervision for professionals 
-Professional development trainings (for mental health clinicians and educators)
-Professional development trainings (for business professionals)
-Post-critical incident assessment and rebuilding consultation
-Mentoring for clinicians and educators
-Behavioral change initiatives via use of "JPCS CoolKit" (hands on training for staff)

Professional Trainings/ Talks Given By 
Dr. Dan Jacobs have included the following:

Clinician/Staff Training-Related Topics:
*Difficult Conversations: Taking Risks, Maintaining Ethics
*Group Work on Inpatient Units
*How to Foster the Therapeutic Alliance
*Keeping Your Cool with Challenging Clients
*Keeping Your Cool with Challenging Youth and Adults
*Safety Management on Inpatient Units
*Service Excellence: Delivering the Best Care Possible
*Understanding and Confronting Ethical Challenges: Improving Practice and Care
*Verbal De-escalation Strategies

Parenting-Related Topics:
*Acting Up and Acting Out Teens : What's a Parent to Do?
*Adolescent Development: Parenting Issues
*Adolescent Substance Abuse and the Impact on the Family
*Families Working From Strengths: Facing Risks and Challenges Together
*Fostering Positive Relationships Between Foster Parents and Child Protective Service Workers
*Helping Foster Parents Cope: The Ups and Downs of Caregiving
*Helping Parents Talk to Their Children About Alcohol and Other Drugs
*Helping Your Child Make Healthy Choices
*Parenting Angry and Oppositional Adolescents
*Ups and Downs of Helping Youth and Families in a Foster Care Setting
*What to Say to Your Kids Before It's Too Late: Adolescent Substance Abuse & High-Risk Behaviors

Adult-Related Topics:
*Bipolar Disorder in Adulthood
*Dealing with Unexpected Loss: How to Cope
*Dual Diagnosis: Assessment & Treatment in Adults
*Enhancing Effectiveness with Adults with Dual Diagnosis Concerns
*How to Integrate Effective Domestic Violence Interventions in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Settings
*Making the Leap: Dealing Effectively with the Transition from Adolescent to Adult Mental health Services
*Stopping Violence Before It Starts: De-escalation in Adult Inpatient Settings
*Treating Violence & Co-occurring Disorders in Adulthood
*Motivating Clients to Follow Through on Their Treatment Plans
*Suicide Prevention with Adults
*Suicide Intervention with Adult Clients

Child/Adolescent-Related Topics (Clinical and Other Settings):
*Adolescent Depression: Effective Intervention Strategies
*Adolescent Depression: What You Need to Know
*Adolescent Development: Treatment Concerns
*Adolescent Substance Abuse
*Adolescents and Substance Abuse: Screening and Confidentiality Concerns
*Adolescent Self-Destructive Behaviors: Information and Intervention
*Addressing Self Inflicted Violence (SIV) in Adolescents
*Anger, Rage & Trauma: Talking to Kids About Difficult Things
*Anger, Rage and Trauma: Talking to Kids About the Pain
*Angry and Oppositional Adolescents: Creative Treatment Approaches
*Creative Interventions for Young Children with Challenging Behaviors
*Dealing with Unexpected Loss: How to Cope, How to Help
*Dual Diagnosis: Substance Abuse in Adolescents with a Mental Illness
*"Leave Me Alone...Please Help Me": Helping Youth with Anger Management Concerns
*Making the Leap: Overcoming Risk in Transition Age Youth
*Self-Destructive Behavior in Adolescents
*Substance Abuse: Impact on Children and Adolescents
*Teen Parents & Anger: How to Foster Success
*Treating Students with Borderline Traits in Residential Care Settings
*Using Music in Therapeutic Interventions with "Hard to Reach" Adolescents
*Youth with Mood Disorders & ADHD: A Social Skills Toolkit
*Youth with Mood Disorders and Anxiety: Intervention Strategies

Child/Adolescent-Related Topics (School Settings):
*Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Problems: intervening at School
*Crisis Management in the Schools: How to Manage, How to Help
*Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Effective Curriculum Initiatives to Reach Challenging Youth
*Dealing with Challenging Behaviors in the School Environment
*Helping Kids Without a Safety Net: Impact of Homelessness, Domestic Violence and Instability on Student Learning
*Helping Survivors of Trauma Move Forward: Building a Safe & Supportive Learning Environment
*How to Run Effective Groups with Students
*The Importance of Alternative Education to Reach Our Most At-Risk Youth
*Managing Difficult Classroom Behaviors: How to Enhance Effectiveness and Promote Learning and Growth with Challenging and Traumatized Students
*Self-esteem, Self-respect, and Acting Out Behaviors: How to Best Help Students
*Setting Effective Limits to Foster Learning with Children Impacted by Trauma
*Tackling Bullying in Schools and Beyond: Working to Make a Real Difference
*Youth with Mental Health Issues: Intervening at School

If you are interested in exploring having Dr. Dan Jacobs present a training for your program or staff, please call (978) 985-5532 or email andoverjpcs@verizon.net to discuss having a training designed and tailored to meet your specific needs.  

Thank you for your interest.