Jacobs Psychological & Consulting Services


Psychological and Psychotherapy Services:
-Counseling for adults
-Treatment of depression and mood disorders
-Treatment of anxiety
-Support and intervention for trauma and abuse concerns
-Grief counseling and support
-Alcoholism recovery, dual diagnosis concerns, and support treatment
-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and coping strategies
-Couples counseling
-Parenting support and strategies
-Mid-career counseling/"next step" explorations
-Next-step/new-career exploration and support
-Support for law enforcement professionals
-Counseling for fire fighters and other first responders
-Behavioral pattern change initiatives

Consulting Services:
-Clinical supervision for professionals 
-Professional development trainings (for mental health clinicians and educators)
-Professional development trainings (for business professionals)
-Post-critical incident assessment and rebuilding consultation
-Mentoring for clinicians and educators
-Behavioral change initiatives via use of "JPCS CoolKit" (hands on training for staff)
-Pre-screening services for police department and fire department candidates